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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We are very excited to share our botanical face serum with you that has been years in the making. We researched and tested many ingredients and products that we loved, and formulated this serum ourselves till we got it just right. It was finally produced in a lab that has the highest standards for quality and we are now finally ready to share it with you!

Reason we made it

We were tired of products that were expensive, encased in plastic, and ultimately did nothing. We feel young, but our beauty industry makes us feel we aren't doing enough - we disagree. We don't want to feel bad about ourselves because the media says we need more and more to look good. We wanted to develop a product that not only made you feel and look beautiful, but made you feel confident at any age.

Embrace your beauty!

We want you to embrace your beauty and be empowered by your well earned years. We want you to walk out the door and say f*ck fifty, we feel fabulous!!

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