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f*ck fifty


We are creating a video collage of fifty beauties saying “F*ck Fifty,” and we want you to be in it! 


To participate, simply take a video of yourself saying “F*ck Fifty” and send it to us. But really say it, you know? Our plan is to use your video combined with other people saying our brand name in an edited commercial to post on our website or potentially used in social media. If we use your clip in the video, we’ll send you a coupon for your next purchase.


  • Film using your phone, computer or any other device with a video camera. 

  • Please film in High Definition (1080p) - this is pretty much the normal resolution of your phone’s video camera. Does not need to be shot in 4K (highest resolution)

  • This can either be a selfie video or someone else can film you

  • Keep the camera as steady as possible

  • Film in landscape (horizontal) orientation, not portrait (vertical).

  • Morning, noon or night is fine—whenever and where ever you naturally use F*ck Fifty. The most important thing is that there is enough light to see your face.

  • Say “FUCK FIFTY” directly into the camera. That’s it. I know you will feel funny using such a vulgar word, but maybe just say it this once. Hey, we’ll probably have to put a {BLEEP} over it anyway, so maybe that helps you not feel so bad.

  • Speak at a natural pace. You can try multiple expressions—some more exasperated, some more cheeky, whatever you want to submit or whatever you are feeling. If you send us multiple takes, we’ll pick the best and only use one.

  • Be your fabulous self! We embrace all women’s beauty and believe you are most beautiful when you’re you. No extra styling, makeup or wardrobe needed.

  • Click this link to upload (drop here?)


We need to make sure you are aware of and accept the terms and conditions of this promotion.



  • Limit one per person

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to participate

  • Must be able and willing to participate in this promotion voluntarily

  • No purchase necessary. By providing your video, and if the video content is used in any marketing material, you will be entitled to receive a coupon towards a future purchase. You do not need to make a purchase in order to receive a coupon.

  • Coupons have no cash value, and expire two years from the date of issue or while product supplies are available.

  • F Fifty Beauty is not required to use your provided content, and has the sole discretion to decide which footage to include in the produced marketing materials

  • You waive any liability for any issues you encounter at any time in the future that arises out of your voluntary participating in this promotion


Usage rights:

  • You assign full rights to F Fifty Beauty to use your image and likeness in any and all marketing and promotional materials for the consideration offered

  • You understand that footage of you may be use in part or in whole, with or without additional editing or sound design, alone or in combination with other footage.

  • You will not have approval rights of the final marketing materials

  • You waive any liability for any issues you encounter at any time in the future for voluntarily participating in this promotion


[ ] Click here to indicate acceptance of these terms

[ ] data capture: F/L name, email address for receiving coupon


[ ] Link for uploading content