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We all try to eat super healthily!  So as I was working hard to consume  organic vegetables and fruits regularly, while eliminating processed foods (of course), I began to wonder why was I not doing  the same externally? I looked  at some of the ingredients in my skin care and  I said to myself, "you need to practice what you preach."  We all tell our kids to look at the ingredient list in the junk food they want and if you cannot pronounce it then it's a chemical, and it should not go inside your body! So why don't we follow the same principles with skin care products? What I realized, after some research, was that the chemicals in beauty products are terrible and can even make  your skin worse, if not permanently damage it, and if that wasn't bad enough, can give you cancer. 


But what  to do?


It really all began after I ran into a friend who looked amazingly radiant. I boldly asked her what she was putting on her skin and her reply was Marula oil! Hmm? What was that? I had never heard of  it before! I immediately rushed to the store to find some- you know how you get when you see something that will make your skin look great? What I slowly realized as I began to research into plant based skin care was  that there were a multitude of essential oils out there that made the skin supple, glowing and youthful. And women around the world have been using them for thousands of years.  The skin conditions that essential botanical oils could treat astounded me. Why was I putting all the other mass-produced skin care products  on my face that were full of chemicals when botanicals could do it all?


I started getting excited  with all the possibilities botanicals provided. I started mixing Marula with Rosehip oil, Carrot seed oil and Calendula and adding some Echinacea flower- the possibilities were endless.  It was so fun to find yet another oil, for example Tamanu from Africa, that had the ability to heal any skin injury rapidly and turn over cells like nothing else.   It was the proportions that were the hard part. In the end I just went with all the good ones; the ones that  smoothed fine lines and helped  breakouts or made the skin firmer or less red! And bing-  I had a beautiful blend  that I began giving to friends. Everyone went nuts for it. And then I thought: why not share this with everyone?

After deliberating on the name a bit and having just entered  my fifties we came up  with the cheeky name:  F*CK FIFTY! We thought it was hysterical and catchy! "Why not?" we thought. Although we have stuck by our name it has been met with some resistance and some have felt shocked. "Oh well," we said, "It's a great product! If you don't like the name, and you don't have a sense of humor, its not for you!"


Zelda Curti, 55


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