This product was born out of the idea that the endless amounts of time and money we spend on multiple products in an attempt to defy our age is out of control. The beauty industry has led us to believe that aging needs to be halted and erased. Why? Because it's not beautiful?


We strongly disagree. We at F Fifty Beauty want you to think otherwise. We want you to embrace who you are, be proud of it and feel beautiful. That's why we created a chemical-free face serum made from all natural ingredients that when applied makes you feel confident, glowing and gorgeous while not harming your body or the planet. A product that not only uplifts your face, but your mood and your conscience as well.

With over twenty natural ingredients and a specially crafted, adaptogen-packed F Fifty Glow Infusion, this is the only thing you will need to nourish, repair and hydrate your skin. Results are so quick, you'll soon be looking in the mirror saying, "I look beautiful, F*CK FIFTY!"


We are both moms in our 50's raising children ranging in ages from 7 to 23, and don't have time for long beauty routines morning and night. And while we want to look good, we're not interested in changing who we are.


We struggled to find a product that felt good on our skin, was chemical-free, and wasn't part of a ten-step regiment. We also wanted something for our skin that was as natural as the organic food we put into our bodies, but even more than that, a product that accepted us as we were, not one that offered false promises.


After a year of formulating F*ck Fifty Botanical Face Serum, we feel confident that you will love it as much as we do, and as much as our friends do, so you too can go out into the world with a glow and smile and embrace your beauty no matter what or call us at 612-670-8474

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